Closet Accessories

Steel Oval Closet Rod with Two Sets of End Supports

Customizable design of the steel oval closet provides flexibility to fit your storage space.
The diameter indicated is the interior diameter of the support.
GlideRite Hardware chrome plated oval closet rods allow you to store clothings anywhere.

Mounts to the side panels of closet or cabinet partition.
Chrome plated metal rods, two standard end supports without mounting pins plus two vertical hole supports with mounting pins, and mounting hardware.

The rod comes in length 1/2′ X 1-1/8′, and can be cut down to sizes. It also has a center support.

Rod is mounted to side panels of closet or cabinet partition with included hardware.
It consists of two sets of ends supports, one for standard applications and one for set vertical-holed application.

Rod comes in Polished Chrome

Pull-Out Chrome Tie Rack

Custom closets help to make the most use of your storage space. The pull-out tie rack is a home closet organizer which enables you easily hang your ties or belts for easy access to them. These are stuffs which you use on a daily basis, hence an easy access to them is important. Their use also ensures an optimum use of your room space and gives it that tidy look.

Rack holds up to 25 ties. The tie/belt rack can also hold up to 20 ties, 5 belts. It features a built-in tray.

Pant rack hangs on the side of the closet holding 5 pair of pants folded down and out of the way.

All units are mounted to full-extension slides.

Chrome Pull-Out Baskets

In addition to the basket’s sleek lines, they are designed to perform better than any other basket in the market.

The pull-out baskets closet organizer is efficient in keeping of those clothing items which you use almost everyday. This eliminate damages caused by pulling and dragging your bags from the wardrobe to pick up your clothes every morning.

Unlike other baskets in the market, our baskets rest on top of the slides, eliminating the torque twist problem that is inherent in other designs.

Chrome Rails for Slanted Shoe Shelves

Adding functionality to your closet does not have to be complicated. Chrome rails make it easy for you to neatly place your shoes. One advantage of using custom closets is that you can choose which closet designs suit your room space and setting.

Chrome Rails are available in 17”, 23”, 29”, and 35” cm lengths.

The shoe rail system is easy to install and features heavy gauge railing.

Gauge railing comes in chrome, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze.

Home Pull Out 12-Inch Valet Rod

Telescoping Valet Rods is a perfect accessory for any closet. There is no complication about the design. It is easy to use and provides that sleek look of your storage closet.

It allows you to easily organize your closet for the next day.

Fully extended, it adds an additional 10″ of hanging space.

With a 30lb weight capacity, it can easily hold business suits or garment bags.

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