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When you work with Standard Closets, you can be sure that your closet storage needs are fully covered. At our company, we don’t just help you unclutter the existing closets or house, but maximize the available space for extra storage room. When you come to us for custom made closet storage solutions, we do just that. We make products tailored to your needs. Rest assured that the process of manufacturing and installing the closet storage units is done with precision, attention to detail, emphasis on materials used and focus on your overall convenience. Each and every member of our team is highly qualified to construct and install the closet you requested. With state of the art equipment and years of experience, we focus on each project with special care. We design, build and install to match your closet storage requirements and exceed your expectations in terms of quality, convenience and high esthetics. Our excellence, which springs from our skills and experience, reflects on our work. And that’s exactly what you expect from us. We design, manufacture and install any closet storage unit Each closet storage unit is unique. We manufacture: • Bedroom closets We make and install reach-in and walk-in closets with plenty of room for hanging and folding clothes, accessories and shoes. Our designers use the space available in order to plan accordingly so that you can fit everything you want in your closet. • Laundry room closet storage units What most people keep in laundry rooms apart from appliances is also detergents and other cleaning products and often linens and/or towels. Tell us what you need and let us construct a convenient closet storage unit where you can keep the large appliances and the little items well-organized and hidden. We leave enough space for the press-board and build enough shelves and/or drawers for towels taking advantage of the vertical wall space. The upper shelves are the ideal closet storage place to put baskets with extra detergents and soaps so that they won’t get in your way..

Kitchen pantries and cabinets

It seems that there is never enough storage room in the kitchen.
With our cleverly planned pantries, cabinets and food storage sections, we make plenty of room for kitchen equipment, canned food, aprons, kitchen towels and tablecloths.
If you plan to remodel your kitchen or simply want to create more storage room or update the existing pantry, ask our help.
We design modern storage room units, install convenient shelves and make separate compartments where you can store your wine.
• Open closets storage units
Open closets storage units are perfect for bedrooms, studios and tiny apartments, or hallways. If you don’t like closet doors, like to give an industrial look to your apartment or simply there is not sufficient space for a traditional closet, we can design the most convenient open closet storage unit. Whether it is for your bedroom, hallway or even kitchen, we listen to your needs, make the right measurements, and divide the given space in order to make sufficient room for all items.
• Hallway closets
Hallway closets are always cluttered. Let us design a new one for you. Family needs change as children grow older or your elderly parents move in with you. Want extra shoe shelves?
Need a more convenient hanging space for the kids to reach their own coats?
We can make open closet storage sections or keep them private by adding doors.
Our craftsmen use the space to get more creative and make enough room for everything you need.
From drawers and hanging sections to shelves, we create space for shoes, scarves, gloves,coats, umbrellas and bags for your convenience.

Utility room closet storage and organization units

Do you have a cluttered utility room and want to organize items neatly?
We can help. Our company can provide you with the perfect closet storage solutions in order to keep everything in order. Whether you are interested in organizing a storage room, cellar, or a room strictly used to store the vacuum cleaner, detergents and other cleaning equipment, we find smart ways to keep everything out of sight and neatly organized.

Rely on our closet installation skills
We use your specifications, take into account your needs, utilize our experience and get to work. From conceiving a smart closet storage idea to giving life to the new construction, everything is done with accuracy.

What we have in mind is the convenience of the customer and aim at using the space in order to create more storage room. As for our closets installation expertise, you can rely on the skills of our technicians. We love being creative whether we design, manufacture or install and this shows on our work. The installation of your new closet storage unit takes place when it is the best time for you and every little part is installed properly for durable and long-lasting units that will finally unclutter your space.
Contact us if you have any questions!

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