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Wardrobe Closet

We offer wardrobe closet solutions to fit any budget, finish requirement and personal need. The expert team at Standard Closets starts each project from scratch. We measure, listen, plan, design, build and install. And rest assured that every phase of the project is done with emphasis on the client’s requests and within the pre-scheduled timeframe.
There is an expert team at our company which manufactures wardrobe closets using the best materials for long-lasting effects.
Not only can we manufacture the wardrobe closet you need, but also back our manufacturing work with expert installation service to make sure you get the best of your new product.
Our company makes custom wardrobe closets to meet your requirements.
Each bedroom is different in terms of size, construction, walk-in-closet space and personal design preferences. With respect to the unique features of your bedroom, we put several wardrobe organizer ideas on the table in order to make creative and smart use of the available space.
We offer wardrobe closet solutions for both master and kid bedrooms. Do you want separate sections for his and her things? Need some storage space for toys and school bags for your kid closet?
Let us be creative for you! Our team designs, manufactures, and installs with your needs in mind!

Let us build the master bedroom closet of your dreams

Whether your master bedroom closet is linear, L-shaped or U-shaped, we use the existing layout to design and install the walk-in-closet of your dreams: • Want a convenient wardrobe organizer to occupy the tall ceiling height? Rest assured that we use the vertical space available to place extra shelves or hanging bars for secondary items and extra storage room for bags, clothing and accessories not used every day.
• We can also manufacture and install a center island with drawers at the side parts for little items, accessories, or even folded shirts.
• We can include a jewelry box section where you can keep everything out of sight but still within easy reach.
• Whether the space is large or small, we can leave some space for shoe shelves.
• There is always enough wardrobe shelving for you to place anything from shoes and t-shirts to scarves and jeans.
• Drawers can have separate compartments so that you will keep belts, scarves, socks, ties or other accessories neatly organized.
• Most definitely, there will be hanging sections for both short and long garments.
Special wardrobe closet solutions for the kid’s room
When it comes to children’s wardrobe closet options, parents are often confused. Do they have to change the closet as the kid is growing up and the requirements change? What we try to do at Standard Closets is find solutions which will cover the needs of infants and teens. For a nursery, we can make a closet with triple hanging sections and adjustable shelves and rods. This way, you can make changes to meet the needs of the kid at any age. Excellent wardrobe closet design and manufacturing What’s essential is that we can help you regardless of the space available. Whether you have room for a custom walk-in-closet or a simple reach-in closet, we can make the ideal design in order to use the space provided to your advantage. What we focus on is:
• Versatile wardrobe closets for plenty of storage room based on each client’s needs
• Emphasis on material quality for extra durability
• Expert wardrobe closet installation by our trained team
• Beautiful results with the use of fine quality wood in white, brown and almond colors
• Properly manufactured and installed drawers for smooth and silent opening and closing

We bring convenience and elegance in your bedroom

Each wardrobe closet is made to fit your needs based on your space.
What we focus on is quality materials and manufacture for exceptional results, but also careful installation.

Our first priority is to design functional wardrobe closets, which will be convenient and allow you to keep everything you need within easy reach.
The technical part of our work, ranging from planning and designing to manufacturing and installing, is the most important and the phase we focus on with particular interest.

But the aesthetic results are equally important to you and so significant to us too. With outstanding finishes and modern designs, you won’t only enjoy your wardrobe closet for years but you won’t stop admiring it.

Let us work together and build the closets of your dreams. You just tell us what you need and leave the rest to our expert team!

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