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Closet Organizers

At Standard Closets, we are committed to building durable, long-lasting and elegant closet organizers.
Our goal is to find the ideal closet ideas tailored to your personal needs.
Do you need a closet for your home hallway?
Do you want to fit the perfect closet organizer system at your bedroom?
We can install closets in any room. Closets provide the ideal storage space not just for clothing but also for shoes, linens, towels, hats or gloves. In order to make the right closet organizer plans, we measure the space and talk to you to discover your needs. Your folding and hanging clothing storage requirements are of the essence.
Do you need more drawers or shelves?
Planning well is of the utmost importance. After all, the way closet organizers are made and installed make all the difference to your daily convenience. When you work with our team, you can be certain that every little detail is well-planned from the very beginning.
Uncluttered closets with our modern closet organizer designs The point of having new closet organizers is to keep everything neatly stored, find your items easily, and keep the rest of the house uncluttered. So what we do is:
• Take into account the smallest detail. Do you have plenty of accessories to store? We create enough space for them
• Is the space tiny? We come up with smart solutions so that there will be place for everything you need to store in the closet

We can plan the perfect closet organizers for you

Whether we manufacture a closet for the hallway, master bedroom or nursery, we proceed with caution, plan with care and take into account the convenience of the client. Installing drawers above your height is definitely not convenient. We create sufficient storage space at standard height where you can keep garments and items used on a daily basis and leave space at the lower and upper parts to store baskets, bags or other secondary items. With our experience, you can rely on our smart suggestions and solutions.
A standard bedroom closet organizer system could have:
• Hanging bars for short and long garments
• Drawers of any size where you can store anything from nightgowns to gloves
• Shelves where you can put your t-shirts or baskets
• A shoe organizer depending on how many pairs you want to keep in the bedroom
• And many more sections for accessories
A similar construction can be made for hallway closet organizers. In this case, we give more emphasis on hanging clothes and leave enough space for long coats. Our designers take into consideration your need to store shoes, scarves, gloves or umbrellas in the hallway closet too.
Need closet organizers for the child’s room?
We consider the child’s age and height to make clothes easily accessible by both the kid and the parent.
Do you need extra space to store toys?
Want drawers to place the socks?
Our team designs and builds based on your needs.

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